Big Book of Alphabet & Number Trace and Write Practice by Macy McCullough

Big Book of Alphabet & Number Trace and Write Practice

Book Title: Big Book of Alphabet & Number Trace and Write Practice

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 151180016X

Author: Macy McCullough

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Macy McCullough with Big Book of Alphabet & Number Trace and Write Practice

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The Big Book of Alphabet & Number Trace and Write Practice, provides extensive focus on alphabet and number formation for beginning writers. It's a beginning alphabet and number tracing book for preschool and kindergarten. The full-page format focuses on one alphabet or number at a time--allowing for maximum handwriting practice drills. With preschool and kindergarten students in mind---a minimum of 30 opportunities are given to trace each alphabet or number before free-writing alphabet and number practice pages are presented. Once a student has adequately mastered an alphabet or number they may then move on to the next section or skip around the workbook as comfortable. This alphabet and number penmanship workbook for preschool and kindergarten will help increase your student’s ability to: —Print uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet and recognize the difference between the two. —Write alphabets and numbers from left to right and top to bottom of page. —Recognize spacing between alphabet letters and eventually words. —Understand the concept of writing letters. —Use the alphabet letters learned to write words and brief sentences that are legible. —Write his/her own first and last name and other important words. Since preschool and kindergarten students do not have to prepare for assessments, focus can instead be placed on their literacy development. Reading to preschool and kindergaten children and talking to them directly can be huge when practicing literacy development and letter and number recognition. Parents can start conversations—helping to build verbal vocabulary; write a grocery list with their child—helping to practice handwriting skills; and select books together at the library on the preschool and kindergarten level—allowing students to enjoy the usefulness of the printed word. Another way to raise awareness of alphabets and numbers for preschool and kindergarteners in their environment is to point to street signs, billboards, traffic signs, and menus in restaurants---pointing out alphabet letters and numbers.